Tuesday, March 26, 2013


One of my favorite colors! I went out and took a picture in a green scarf, turban style. I feel like a floating head with the black turtle neck but oh well! Green floating head it is!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Freedom: In the Dead of Winter

There's freedom and beauty even in the dead of winter
We're free to think positive
Free to forgive
Free to make better choices
Free to love ourselves
Free to not judge or be envious
Free to appreciate and be grateful for the good
Free to love a little more
Free to see the beauty in the small things
Free to see hope for tomorrow
There is freedom even in the darkest and coldest of times.

It's the dead of winter here and it can really take a toll on you when it's so dark day after day. Anthony and the kids went outside to play and I decided to go out too. It was a bit before sunset and there was a glow in the sky that was just so beautiful. An overwhelming release and sense of freedom came over me and out came a poem similar to the one I wrote above. I ran back inside and grabbed my camera of course. Everything seemed dead from afar but then I started seeing such beautiful intricate details, each one more beautiful than the next. A story started to unfold. The color scheme, the elements just started to fit like puzzle pieces. Black leaves, small cotton-like flowers, rose-like pine cones, purple thorny branches, dark leafy vines climbing up the trees, the texture of bark on a tree, and bare branches. There were so many beautiful things in nature even in the dead of winter.