Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tunic Transition Series: Fall

When I spotted this long pink tunic at Goodwill I basically flipped! I have been very attracted to pink lately-have always loved it but have felt more of an attachment to it lately. The tunic quickly became my most worn thing in my closet because it transitions so well with layers! Tunics have existed in almost every culture and part of the world in some shape or form so it makes sense to me why this one proved to be so versatile. The light pink also acts as a neutral and can be paired with so many colors. 

Around that time I had this idea to style it through the seasons and then put it all together to share. I meant to photograph four different looks but never got a chance to do it so I decided to just share as I go. This was taken in the fall by my hubby/turned blog photographer Anthony. Almost everything is thrifted besides the leggings and the necklace. Afghan necklace is from the amazing Zamarut Jewel . I loved how it made it look a bit like a southwestern neck tie. The hat and vest are also some finds that got really excited about. The hat had two cloth flaps that I tied into a scarf. I felt very fashion-y in it. I have no idea the origins of the vest. It looks like a carpet and has such a gorgeous pattern. I have also really been loving green (are you noticing the trend? Most of my outfits are inspired by the color mood I'm in). 

The backdrop is an old rundown building on a property that I technically was not supposed to be on. The things you do for a cool backdrop! The green leaves  and multicolored bricks were so beautiful. 

Hope you enjoyed these and winter will be up next!

I feel as though I was hibernating this year..lots of changes in my work life and trying to balance it all. I am looking forward to this year. I feel an urge to get into creating, creating, and more creating and also NOT CARING too much about the outcome. I want to feel the process fully. Wish you all love and light in whatever direction you are going.
Happy new year!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Date Night: Nutcracker at the Cutler Majestic Theatre Boston

         Yesterday we had a long overdue date night. Life has been very busy the last few weeks and I didn't realize how much we needed to relax and just enjoy some time with each other. Anthony had received some free tickets to see the Nutcracker playing at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, from his work, so we were forced to go out into the world explore. We had dinner at our favorite vegan spot in Boston, My Thai Vegan Cafe. They have a mix of asian cuisine that we love and we always get the same thing when we go, vietnamese roll up dish, tofu fingers and the Tom Yum Gai soup which is basically the best soup I've ever had!
         I got really excited to get all fancy and dressed up and I decided to bring my camera and capture the beauty of downtown Boston at this time of year (last shot was a phone selfie). Although I don't celebrate Christmas I love seeing the lights and feeling the merry spirit. I took a night off from all the sadness in the world and pretended it was all good <3. I do believe at the end of the day love is all we need, to give and to receive, and we can't give from a place that is empty. So this night I was ready to fill up and I did just that.
         The play was cute and funny and the dancers all amazing! I have seen the Nutcracker before at the Boston Ballet and didn't know they played it somewhere else in town. Although it wasn't as big and grand as that one, it definately had its own charm that I preferred in some ways. It was a more intimate setting and the theatre itself was so magical! I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of diversity in the cast too! I was so surprised, I did some research and found that the ballet company Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre has a unique approach to dance that is centered around the dancer and  works with the community to make ballet accessible to all. They also put together the Dance for World Community Festival that Anthony plays for every year with Flamenco Boston. Really cool to read up on that. I think diversity is so beautiful!
         I'm wearing mostly thrifted and gifted things. My favorite vintage winter dress which I have worn on the blog here and my moms red shawl that I "borrowed" ;) The faux fur collar and blazer (which you can't really see) was thrifted and gifted to me by my dear friend Jean of Drossintogold. I always love wearing it this time of year. Shoes were gifted by my friend Heidi and I had some funky thrifted huge rose earrings that are also hard to see in the pics -I'll do better next time with some of the details. Anthony is also getting more into the thrift world or should I say wants to thrift but it's mostly just me doing it for him because he's very lazy when it comes to clothes. I knew the plaid tie would come in handy at some point this season so I was happy when I found it at Goodwill.
          I realize I have been very away from internet land lately. I do update more frequently on instagram but in general I just haven't been feeling social media lately. I don't enjoy forcing myself to do anything and this is an outlet for me more than anything else so for now I will write when I'm moved to. There is so much happening at the moment-moving and just some big girl growing with my photography business BUT my head has been brewing so many ideas. I am dying to create, make, and bake them so hopefully I can DO and then DO more sharing. Now is the time to BE BRAVE <3

Monday, June 8, 2015

New York Mad Tea party honoring DrossintoGold and Style Crone!

If you read my last post, I talked about attending an amazing tea party honoring my dear friend Jean from DrossintoGold and Judith from Style Crone (pictured above). The tea party minus the tea ;) was cp-hosted by artist and designer Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur and Debra Raporport.

These are some pictures from the afternoon with the backdrop of Carol and her husband Richard's beautiful apartment which is a work of art in itself! Thank you Carol for making everything edible and visual so beautiful!

If you don't know these ladies I recommend checking them out! You will be in awe looking through their blogs and seeing their magical outfits! They are all a part of a growing movement of women over 40 that have truly mastered the art of self expression through personal style. You may recognize them from the blog/documentary Advanced Style run by Ari Seth Cohen. I had a blast being around such amazing ladies and I left feeling so inspired!

Left to Right: Jean and Judith in their gorgeous outfits!

I consider Jean a soul friend getting to know her over the last year or so. We instantly clicked when we met and have so many similarities (She has been on the blog before here :) She is so GENUINE, kind and a breath of fresh air. She has such unique taste for mixing prints with layers of jewelry, usually toping it off with an amazing hat! What makes her even cooler is that she makes and up cycles so much of her clothing. It doesn't get more personal than that!

Judith and I met on instagram and her fabulous blog Style Crone. Meeting her in person was wonderful. You can tell Judith has a lot of fun with her clothing. It is extravagant, whimsical and classic all at once. She is famous for her gorgeous and unique hats that she pairs with her outfits!

LtoRight: Fashionista Anne Balcer, Jeff (Judiths partner) getting treats from the beautiful food table.  Some close ups of the table details below.

Along with running her lifestyle blog, Carol designs hats and now clothing. It was so nice to see her artist space full of her inspiration. Real life pinterest hehe. Her style is colorful, geometric and whimsical and so is her space! It's also extremely organized which I envy (inspired to get organized!).

Artist Elke Kuhn and her fabulous red hat!

Carol's home decor was so colorful! Loved it all! Below is her closet full of her handmade hat art!

Stan Satlin trying on a Carol Markel creation.

I loveee this one!!

Judith trying her hat out on top of one of Carol's hats.

Anne Balcer with artist Richard Cramer (Carol's husband). He showed me some of his recent work featuring birds and places he has been shown below that had me in awe! I really enjoyed hearing about his life as an artist and teacher at the Tyler School of Art in Philly. Check out his amazing artwork here: RichardCramer

Richard and Carol both having such amazing style and they've been featured on Advanced Style many times. I recommend reading about them here and here.

Left to right: Carol Markel, Marsha Carlin, Jean Barrett. Obsessed with Marsha's necklace mixup. My favorite colors. 

More of the fashionable crew!
Left to Right: Marsha Carlin, Jean Barrett, Carol Markel, guest, Debra Rapoport, Judith

Loved getting to know Debra Rapoport who has taught workshops on turning trash into wearable art! Most of the accessories above are made out of waste, believe it or not. Her hat is made out of paper towels! I really want her to come to Boston and teach a workshop. Check out her website and blog here. She's also a regular over on Advanced Style, read about her here and on Styleliku here.

Debra explaining to the ladies how she created this necklace!

Also loved meeting the elegant Joyce Carpati. I just love her braids and class, I was honored to be complimented on my outfit by her because I love her style. She's also a regular on Advanced Style. You can see more of her glamourous outfits here and here! 

Had the pleasure of meeting the Jean and Valerie (L to Right) of the duo Idiosyncratic Fashionistas. They were 2013's most stylish new yorkers and run their amazing fashion blog. All I can say is WOW! Loved their style and personalities, fun and down to earth. We were all gifted Frida socks by Jean that I had to put on right away!

Frida was in the air!

Jean's amazing shoes!

Hope you enjoyed! If you missed it, I shared the outfit I was wearing in my previous blogpost here. Seeing women be themselves and being around women that love to express through clothing just as much as I do was really surreal. Very grateful to have had this experience!

Much love,