Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Home made Love: Red Abaya and Tassel Earrings

This past week I traveled to New York City for a lovely tea party honoring two amazing bloggers, my beautiful and insanely stylish friend Jean from Dross Into Gold and the adventurous and eclectic Judith from Style Crone. I was so honored to be invited by Jean for this amazing party hosted by designer and artist Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur.

This is the outfit I put together for the party.  Photos were taken by my husband Anthony in New York at a park near where we were staying. Love looking at these and remembering the aura of New York (miss it!!).

I had been contemplating making this linen dress that has been in my head for months and I finally had an excuse to go ahead and make it. I was trying to decide on a color before I found out about the party and once I knew I was going I had to go with red. Red is just a color I am always in love with, my couch is red and I love red lipstick! The color of passion. My mom sort of held my hand throughout the process of cutting out the shape and how to put it together because I only ever made one thing before this dress. The design was simple enough though, and I just had to put in the time. It came out pretty well for my second ever creation. It's interesting that I made it with my mom because it almost felt like a Abaya or Kaftan arab dress inspired by her motherland Lebanon. The head wrap style and accessories echoed the feeling. I felt amazing in it and it kept me cool in the heat without sacrificing the more modest look I feel most confident in. I styled it with some earrings I also made on the bus ride into New York. I started making these tassel earrings last summer but it felt like the perfect time to finish them up to go with this dress. Talk about last minute, but I'm happy I went ahead and made them. I missed the feeling of creating things you imagine in a more tactile way. Hope you enjoy this summer look!

I will post some pics from the party up next. I had an amazing time and loved seeing Jean, meeting Judith, Carol and the many fabulous women I will gush about in my next post. Stay tuned!

Linking this post with Judiths June Hat Attack on her blog Style Crone. Happy headwear art!


Outfit Details:
Headwrap: White Tassel Scarf from H&M  (recent purchase so you should find it there)
Dress: handmade
Earrings: Handmade/Upcycled- silver piece was from an earring set I was gifted- from Spain
Rings- all collected over the years.
Afghan large stone rings are from Avizeh Jewelry
Silver Filigree ring from Zamarut Jewel
Bag & Shoes- TJ Maxx a few years ago


  1. Your outfit is absolutely stunning and your dress turned out beautifully. The headwrap and earrings, plus your unique shoes, complement your creation with perfection. I was so happy to see your gorgeous face and headwear pop up on Hat Attack. Thank you for sharing.

    It was wonderful to meet you at Carol's tea last week. It was a wonderfully festive event!

    1. Thank you Judith for the sweet words! Happy to share and be a part of hat attack! so fun!

  2. You look so beautiful in the red dress - it really is your colour, especially with the matching lipstick. Those earrings are so much fun - the perfect accessory for simple summer dresses. I wish I could have met you and Jean at Carol's tea. What a wonderful group of women it must have been!

    1. Thank you! Love red! We felt your spirit there, I'm sure we will all meet one day again! XO

  3. Feda,
    Totally exquisite in every way. When you walked in my door I was stunned by your beauty.

    1. You're too kind. Thank you so much Carol <3

  4. These shots turned out beautifully!! The light and background look amazing. I was so happy to finally meet Anthony, too. So kind and open. I loved seeing you look into each others' eyes as you talked.

    Now you'll have to sew some more!!! Isn't it the best? There's something special about wearing something you've designed and made. My mom taught me as well, many years ago. It's a precious gift. XXOO

    1. Thanks Jean! It was so nice to have you two meet. Thats so sweet to notice that haha! I'm totally loving making things. There's nothing like it. I feel so proud of what I make because it's exactly the way I want it which is hard to find out there. I'm glad I had my mom to help me with it especially before the move. XOXO

  5. Your outfit is fantastic and you wear it with perfection! I am in love with your tassel earrings my dear … and have thought of them often since the first time I saw them on your Instagram post! Big, big design kudos my dear!


  6. What a beautiful outfit! That red dress is a real triumph, it looks so great paired with your earrings and head scarf. Particularly love the last shot, it's very painterly. Lally X

  7. You look divine! Gorgeous photographs.....what a lovely husband you must have to take such beautiful photographs of you! Congratulations to the both of you!!!!



  8. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Have you ever done a post on how you tie your head wraps? You always make them look so stylish and gorgeous!

  10. I love this style and I love linen.
    You look gorgeous in your hand made creations. A perfect style for the Advanced Style meetup.
    Jazzy Jack


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