Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tunic Transition Series: Fall

When I spotted this long pink tunic at Goodwill I basically flipped! I have been very attracted to pink lately-have always loved it but have felt more of an attachment to it lately. The tunic quickly became my most worn thing in my closet because it transitions so well with layers! Tunics have existed in almost every culture and part of the world in some shape or form so it makes sense to me why this one proved to be so versatile. The light pink also acts as a neutral and can be paired with so many colors. 

Around that time I had this idea to style it through the seasons and then put it all together to share. I meant to photograph four different looks but never got a chance to do it so I decided to just share as I go. This was taken in the fall by my hubby/turned blog photographer Anthony. Almost everything is thrifted besides the leggings and the necklace. Afghan necklace is from the amazing Zamarut Jewel . I loved how it made it look a bit like a southwestern neck tie. The hat and vest are also some finds that got really excited about. The hat had two cloth flaps that I tied into a scarf. I felt very fashion-y in it. I have no idea the origins of the vest. It looks like a carpet and has such a gorgeous pattern. I have also really been loving green (are you noticing the trend? Most of my outfits are inspired by the color mood I'm in). 

The backdrop is an old rundown building on a property that I technically was not supposed to be on. The things you do for a cool backdrop! The green leaves  and multicolored bricks were so beautiful. 

Hope you enjoyed these and winter will be up next!

I feel as though I was hibernating this year..lots of changes in my work life and trying to balance it all. I am looking forward to this year. I feel an urge to get into creating, creating, and more creating and also NOT CARING too much about the outcome. I want to feel the process fully. Wish you all love and light in whatever direction you are going.
Happy new year!


  1. Love it so beautiful, it all seems to compliment itself. I to love pink. Looking forward to Winter interpretation.

    1. Thank you Denise! I just checked out your blog and I love your pink dress! You have A+ style!!!

  2. Nice vest :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thank you so much! Thrifted treasure find!


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