Monday, January 11, 2016

My Ruby Red Slipper Sneakers! élé INSIDERS Tango Shoe Review

Whether we like it or not, what we wear on our feet is personal. It might be based on function, comfort, aesthetics or a mix, but whatever the reason it directly impacts how we feel in our day to day lives.

Sometimes fashion can pose a dilemma. I'm always trying to balance comfort and style and it is hard especially as a woman when the comfortable shoe choices are not always the most attractive. When I was sent these Tango shoes, that I call "my ruby red slipper sneakers" from élé INSIDERS I was so excited because they include many of the qualities I love when it comes to fashion. They are comfortable, aesthetically beautiful and most importantly UNIQUE! like me?! Style can be a form of expression but for me it is also equally about the transformation. The way a fashion choice can transform the way you feel is magic! So how did these shoes make me feel?

I felt bold. On this day, I wanted to play with color and pattern and wear some bright lipstick with them. Other days, I loved wearing them with basics and letting them pop. I felt I had so many options to play with which is what makes styling fun. Red is one of my favorite colors too and I wear it whenever I want to feel daring.

I also felt comfortable and centered because my feet felt good. They are made from a cozy micro suede material and with each step, you are cushioned by a layer of memory foam. I also love animals and have been trying to stay away from buying anything that is made from them and these shoes are made from all man made materials. Yay!

I felt strong and in charge. They are not called Tango for no reason ;)

I felt limitless. I clicked my heels and felt at home. I could walk with style, dance and even... fly! Yes, they have hidden wings that allow you to fly!! Well, no... pictures can be deceiving but these emotions are the real deal!

So overall I really love my slipper sneakers. I've been wearing them the last few months and have thoroughly enjoyed them. At first, I wore them mostly in the house but I very quickly transitioned them into my comfy outdoor shoes to wear to the grocery store, coffee shop or to do errands in. I also took them on a 10 hour road trip and they were ideal for that. They won't hold up in the snow or rain so please check the weather before going out in them (like with any shoes). They can also be really great as indoor shoes if you work from home or want to just lounge around with funky feet. I'm already eyeing my next pair, the Milonga booties for the colder months and to replace my uggs that I dislike because they have zero style and are made from animals :(

You can read more about these and their other dancy named shoes on their website. Their story of bringing the Argentinian house shoe to the states re-imagined is so interesting.

Would love to hear about your shoe adventures. What are your favorite shoes and why??
Much love,

P.S. Thank you to the amazing designer of these shoes Carlos Villamil for sending these my way and giving me happy feet :)

P.P.S. These were sent to me to review but all opinions are my own and I would never EVER share anything on this blog that I don't love and that do not align with who I am. XO


  1. When I glimpsed your pic on IG I had to rush over. But not before checking out their IG as well. They have some really wonderful styles! I enjoyed reading about your experience, and of course seeing your outfit. All the colors make me so happy. Thanks for sharing the love. I'm heading over to their website now. XXOO

    1. You would love them Jean! They are so weird ;) They really made me want to just put every color of the rainbow on! lol

  2. love the color of those shoes!!! a red pop is always the best- i have a pair of red converse that i love wearing with jeans every now and then when i dress down! ha! as always, your pics are so unique- just like you!


    1. OoooO red converse sound amazing! These made me want to explore color in my shoes more. I love color but I tend to keep it basic with shoes. I didn't know they would make me feel so fabulous!
      Thank you! Coming from the most unique lady ever, I'm honored by the compliment <3 <3 <3


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