Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scarves: My favorite Souvenirs


I'm not a typical tourist in the sense that I don't care much to bring home those key chains and magnets. Not that there is anything wrong with doing that, I just never gravitated towards them. When I thought about what I brought back with me from my travels, I realized I brought home a whole bunch of scarves! I love scarves! Not just because I wear them on my head but because they are beautiful pieces of fabric with so much personality. I love the bold colors, patterns, and designs. So here is a collection of scarves I brought home from my travels, modeled on my head!


  1. mashaallah Feda you are soooo sooo beautiful and you know really well which colours suit you... love the photos too ;)

    1. Thanks girl! After many self portraits I learned a lot about what colors suit me and a lot about makeup and posing. It's been fun experimenting with different colors and styles. Thank you so much for your comment. You are a true beauty yourself INSIDE and out!! xoxo


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