Sunday, August 4, 2013

Little Birthday Adventures

I turned 26 (July 22nd)! It feels older...a little.. but man I'm glad my early 20's are OVER. I had some cookoo times in my life in my early 20's, lets just leave it at that :) I feel like you grow into your own skin more as you get older. You feel more confident and able to be YOU despite what others think you SHOULD be. I'm loving nurturing my inner being, doing things I was always afraid to do, going after and pursuing my goals and feeling the LOVE. Here's some words of wisdom I have learned over the years taken from my pinterest.

Sooo...for my birthday I decided to pierce my nose. I had been staring at pictures for some time and decided I would wait until my birthday to do it. I read reviews online for different places in Boston but ended up going with Stingray in Allston. The piercer was friendly and the place and equipment was clean. I picked out a little turquiose stud as the ring because I'm on a turquoise/aqua kick lately. It did hurt when it was going in, I won't lie, but it was over in like 10 seconds. It has healed nicely so far and was only a bit sore for the fist few days. I really lovee my nose ring!

Afterwards I went out for a date/dinner with Anthony at our favorite veggie place in chinatown Buddhas (called My Tai Cafe now but I never liked the name change). I was starving from fasting all day so I could only take so many pictures but here's a few snaps from the night.

Have a beautiful day!!
All my love,


  1. Sorry Feda, I was not able to wish you a Happy Birthday to you on time..But you it looks like you had a great birthday!! I turned 26 also a couple days after you and I can totally relate to "growing into your own skin as you get older". Love your posts as always <3

    1. Thanks Andrea, I'm glad you like the posts. Love yours too!! Wishing you a very happy birthday :)


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