Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fall Vibes Editorial

Fall Vibes-1

Through our stages, we learn to live like warriors. 
Our lives lived in layers.. 
A story of decay and transformation.
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Fall Vibes-3
Fall Vibes-6
Fall Vibes-4
Fall Vibes-12
Fall Vibes-11
Fall Vibes-10Fall Vibes-7
Fall Vibes-9
Fall Vibes-18
Fall Vibes-15
Fall Vibes-14
Fall Vibes-17
Fall Vibes-13

This story was created by a talented team of artists:
Model: Tayla Fernandez
Styling: Nicoletta Lyons of Lolas Urban Vintage
Makeup: Joy Granara
Hair: Gianna Gennari
Photography and Concept: Feda Eid

My favorite work to date! This was my first time arranging a team for a shoot. I don't why it took me this long to do. They did an amazing job and the teamwork really shines through these images. Each element adding to the overall picture. THIS is what I love to do!! Let me know what you think and as always much LOVE,


  1. This is a mesmerizing work of art! The whole team is incredibly talented, and as a team you obviously were on fire with this! Every image is a beautiful storytelling... Absolutely amazing! Keep doing that, you have such a wonderful gift! ~ Sincerely, Natalia

    1. Thank you so much Natalia for your feedback. It was a great shoot. I couldn't have asked for a better team. XO

  2. The DreamTeam! What a wonderful collaboration, resulting in these beautiful images. Your aesthetic is expressed so well here. You are a designer/stylist as well as a gifted photographer. Tayla is gorgeous and reminds me of you!! Those eyes. :-)

    1. Thanks Jean! We worked together well which was nice for my first time arranging something like this. I was nervous we would butt heads but we all worked together and gave each other feedback. Tayla is one of a kind! Thank you for the compliments my friend! XO

  3. Wow! I love the bright bold colors- like a modern gypsy. loves.

    1. Thanks Erika!! Glad you enjoyed the colors! I love gypsy everything ;)

  4. This is beyond gorgeous! I love the styling of the whole shoot!

    1. Thank you Anfal! Appreciate the lovely comment!

  5. All those involved in this shoot your talents are just beautiful! Feda you were able to Capture it all! Thank you for sharing and look forward lo seeing more!

    1. Thanks Cassie! So much love!! XO


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