Monday, November 4, 2013

I leaf you

Day 307 Many-2018
Day 307-2
Fall is winding down. There's a winter chill in the air. Anthony and I took a walk to get some coffee and cherish the little bits of fall that are left. While walking I noticed this beautiful almost tie die looking leaf. Such art! To think I almost walked right past it, but I decided to stop and take a few steps back and grab it. Anthony said something sweet to me while I was twirling it in my hands. He said that's why he loves me because I do things like pick up leaves of the floor. I thought well there are so many leaves out there but I chose him. A piece of art among the crowd. It's not always roses and sunshine but I'm glad I have my best friend to walk beside me and take this journey together.  Ok I promise no more sap stories! hehe I just had to tell this one. And you know what?!? I LEAF YOU TOO!!!


  1. Awww. Love is in the big AND small things, equally. Thank you for a lovely post. :-)

    1. so true Jean! Thank you for the lovely comment! All your comments make my day! Much <3


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