Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boston Fashion Week: Candice Wu Couture 2013

I think I can officially say I've come to the dark side after seeing the fusion of Candice Wu and House of Cach at the Candice Wu Couture show at the W hotel in Boston. This show had so much taste. The setting of the cold stone at the W hotel was a great backdrop for the color scheme of the gowns. The designs were beautifully made, with a blend of hard and soft, dark and light, flowy yet structured. The models were impressive in emoting and expressing the feel in the clothing and accessories. It all just fit so naturally. You could tell a lot of hard work was put into creating each piece and it came together so beautifully.

I can't gush enough about the union of House of Cach with these gowns. They were like the icing on the cake, each piece so intricate and unique. I was first introduced to House of Cach at a photoshoot I assisted with Tracy Aiguier and I was thoroughly impressed with the artistry of her pieces. They are not for the shy at heart, not everyone can pull off the bug look, but they certainly make a bold statement. I own a House of Cach ring (which you can see here) and it's the one item I get the most compliments/comments on. I'm just obsessed with it all now!

The show was so refreshing to watch and photograph! These are a few photos from the night!

Candice Wu, bottom left and Alexa of House of Cach, bottom right. (If I missed any credits please let me know- I'm not familiar with everyone that helped to create this amazing show!)

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  1. Waaaaah.. They have gorgeous cheek bones =3

  2. I love the artistry and theatricality of this show. The head piece with the butterflies is gorgeous. XXOO


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