Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston Fashion Week: Launch Lens

YAAAA! I attended my first Boston Fashion Week this year!! Ok, this may be nothing to some but for me it was really exciting. I love fashion. Seeing all the beautiful designs, the artists that created them, modeled on professionals that know how to express these garments in such beautiful ways is exciting to me! If you're on the edge about attending next year, I say go for it! There's tons of events, many that are free to attend, that will have you oooing and ahhing about fashion.

The launch events are presented by Fashion Group International and showcase upcoming fashion designers. This year featured four designers, Tatiana Tejedor, Sasha Thomas, Carlos Villamil, and Sammi Yang.

The launch lens event featured four local fashion photographers, Tracy Aiguier, Joel Benjamin, Sadie Dayton, and Bob Packert and their partnership with these designers to create an editorial featuring their collections. I'm a bit partial to Carlos's work because his designs are so creative but also because he was photographed by my favorite photographer, Tracy! I've assisted her numerous times on her shoots and she's amazing at what she does and not to mention incredibly down to earth and genuine. I mostly came to support and see her gorgeous photographs, and they were beyond gorgeous!!  So here's a few snaps from the night at the W hotel in Boston.

Above design by Sammi Yang featured on Dynasty model

 (photos in these photos were taken by Tracy Aiguier and designs by Carlos Villamil)

Me and Tracy! These claw rings are made by house of cach and we were both wearing ours so I had to get a shot. (Sometimes I get accessories when I work with her ;) )

Had to get some late night pizza afterwards with Anthony (who I dragged with me to a few events) at Crazy Dough!

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