Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston Fashion Week: Launch Circle Event

The second event I attended, also featured by Fashion Group International was the Launch Circle event at the Circle Furniture store in Boston.

It featured the four designers, Tatiana Tejedor, Sasha Thomas, Carlos Villamil, and Sammi Yang and their 12 piece capsule collections up close and personal. The staging of the models with the garments was set up by Sean William Donovan and the team at Circle Furniture. Models were all from Dynasty Models and hair and makeup by Camille Albane Paris. 

Above: Designer Sasha Thomas

Above: Designer Tatiana Tejedor 
 Above: Designer Sammi Yang
Above: Designer Carlos Villamil
Designer Tatiana Tejedor at the conclusion of the event
Left to rightt: Rob Frye, Terri Mahn of the The Stylist Closet, Jay Calderin
Always awesome to see founder of Boston Fashion Week Jay Calderin (right)!

These designers put so much work into their collections and they are truly unique pieces of art. It was truly an experience to see the pieces in this setting. I really enjoyed both of these events and hopefully you got a bit of a taste of what Boston fashion week is all about.

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  1. You must have had sooo much fun!! The event and fashions look exciting. I love being in a creative environment!

    1. Thanks Jean! It's always fun to see fashion from different perspectives. I agree, it's always refreshing to be around people that appreciate and love fashion!


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