Thursday, January 9, 2014


These are some snipets from our night in Nantucket, MA. Anthony had a show with the talented Eve Costarelli (flamenco dancer/youth teacher) for art week. I was able to come along and spend a night/afternoon there. We had a great time with Eve and her husband the first day attending the show and then getting dinner afterwards. The next morning we had breakfast and visited the different shops around.

I wasn't really expecing much from it but I was pleasantly surprised that I did actually like our little stay on the island. The people were friendly, the place we stayed in had so much character, and we enjoyed the different art studios that were exhibiting work. I was so excited to find a photo exhibit happening with images by Steve McCurry, who is well known for the "Aphgan girl" image he did for national geographic. I just googled him and saw this quote which I wanted to share, “If you wait,” he realized, “people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view.” How beautiful, right?!

There weren't many options for food, and most of it was wayyy overpriced but we did find a gem of a place for breakfast! It's called Black Eyed Susan's and I would say if you're visiting that is a must eat at place! It was packed and a bit of a wait but it was worth it. We had a Thai omelet  and some cheese-y pancakes. The stuff will put you in the hospital if you eat it everyday but it was a nice vacation meal.

There happened to be a huge sale going on where everything was half off and we found some cute thrift stores and a Tibetan shop where I picked up some goodies for really cheap! The scarf was thrifted and the sandals and necklace were from the Tibetan shop. Anthony was sweet to get them for me :) The necklace is my favveee, I just love ethnic jewelry!!

I know this is sooo late to post but hopefully it brings some sunshine during this yuck winter weather!


  1. Everything is captured in such a breathtaking way <3

    1. Thank you Anfal!! :) I appreciate your beautiful comment!

  2. Beautiful photos. You would love Martha's Vineyard!

    1. Thanks you! Martha's Vineyard is beautiful as well! It's nice to be near the shore every once and a while.


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