Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's all about the bling!

I was recently sent this beautiful headpiece by the UK company Avizeh jewelry. I've always been in love with ethnic jewelry so you can imagine how giddy I was when I had this piece in my hands! I'm still pretty obsessed and I've had it for a few weeks now.

"Avizeh is company which is born out of the love and culture of ethnic Afghanistan. Avizeh translates jewellery in Farsi. This unique name speaks for what we cater for and the rich cultural heritage of jewellery making which dates back to thousand of years ago and at time of when great trading routes flourished through Afghanistan. These rare Jewels of the east still remain and are carefully hand crafted by a nomadic tribe called Kuchi."-from their website

The piece itself is beautifully made. It has signs of being a vintage piece, there were one or two bells missing and some stitching done on one side with the connector pieces, nothing you notice unless you inspect it up close like me :) I doesn't detract from the piece at all and I actually felt it added to its charm. I asked Avizeh about the minor imperfections and they said they rework/restore these vintage pieces, some gems are added etc.

What I really loved was that this is basically a one of kind piece. What I love about thrifting is that you're buying and putting together things that are not necessarily still in stores. This headpiece feels like a vintage treasure and I like that we all won't be clones next week! I'll definitely be picking up some more treasures from their site. I've been eying the beautiful cuffs and necklaces. The prices are great for what you are getting. Even when you convert the pound to dollar (If you're from the US and have traveled to the UK you know how expensive it can be with the pound being almost double the dollar!).

I actually had a hard time styling this! Especially with the turban. I wrapped this thing a few times and finally settled on this turban creation. I also wanted to dress it down because I think it would be hard to wear this baby out without dressing it down a bit. I decided to wear simple jeans and these flip flops I got from my trip to Nantucket I've been wanting to wear now that the weather is a bit nicer (although it is still freezing every other day here in Boston). I'm not totally sure about the red accents I added. I had painted my nails red the day before so I had to incorporate it somehow. There were little red accents on the headpiece and shoes so I thought it would fit in.

As always much love,

Outfit Details:
Scarf/turban: TJ Maxx
Black shirt: gifted from my sister- from H&M
Cardigan: thrifted- Vince
Jeans: recent thrift- Joe's Fit: Best Friend
Red bangles: thrifted
Beaded bracelet: Sisco Berluti
Flip flops: Bodhi Tibetan store in Nantucket, MA
Bag: TJ Maxx- Brand: Cardamom + Coriander
Rings: Gifted and from random carts


  1. You did an amazing job styling it! It stands out, and yet still looks uniquely casual. The headpiece is gorgeous, and I actually was wondering before I read your post, whether it was a separate piece or a part of turban! So you did just great!! Have you tried to link up with Style Crone? There are ladies who will truly appreciate, I think.

    I also love long cardigans like yours- it is beautiful, timeless... but with the jeans and fun flip flops, again, you look so contemporary! I admire your outfit, I really do. You look unique, eclectic, and very hip. The red accents are just perfect here. And let me tell you, you are such a beauty!

    Very artistic photographs too!

  2. You make it look effortless, this casual bohemian glamor! I love every element and the piece from Avizeh is gorgeous!! I didn't know that their pieces were actually refurbished older designs. Now I love them even more. You look perfect in your sandals, too. I wish there was a Tibetan store here. :-)

  3. Wow, what perfect styling of this unique piece! Very beautiful!

  4. You made the perfect styling choice for the headpiece- the accessories elevate the sweater and jeans to a very chic outfit. I am loving the dark lipstick you've been wearing; it suits you!

  5. You ROCKED this one Feda! Breathtaking, ethnic and trendy. I also really love your blush here. What kind did you use ?

  6. Every item in your outfit is fabulous! Your make up is perfect.
    You look so pretty :)


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