Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anthony B-day and Garden Grille Cafe in RI

I'm just getting around to blogging some of my summer adventures. Me and Anthony are both born in July (we're only 9 days apart actually and yes I'm older by 9 days! hehe ;)) We went out to one of our favorite regular, our definition of "fancy", restaurants called the Garden Grille Cafe in Rhode Island (about a 40 min drive from us but worth it!). This is a vegetarian restaurant (some dishes contain dairy but in general the restaurant is also vegan friendly). If you didn't know I've been a veggie burger (vegetarian) for 6 years or so. I eat fish and seafood so I I'm a wannabe veggie burger (pescatarian).  Anthony is a Lacto-Ovo blah blah. I'm not much for labels!!!

We went on two separate occasions. The first was the night before his birthday and we sat indoors and the second time sometime after that and we sat on the pretty patio. The patio is small but during those summer days is sooo purdy. I love the plants they have out there!

Anyhoo we have loved this place for years. The food is soo different and soo interesting. There are some dishes with "fake meats" but most are just beautiful veggie dishes. They always have a seasonal menu of the day with dishes that are not on the menu. They use I believe local, natural ingredients. It definitely tastes that way at least. I highly recommend if you're in the area to give this place a go even if you don't like veggie restaurants. This place is always packed with people from all walks of life.

 Raw rasberry cheesecake

 This was an awesome salad! Quinoa, feta, parsley, and WATERMELON!
 Wood grilled mexican pizza.

Are any of you vegetarian? or like an occasional veggie burger?!?!

We went out with a small group of friends the day of Anthony's birthday at a traditional Vietnamese Pho restaurant. I didn't bring my camera :( but this is him with the candles I sneaked into his flan!! LOL
Afterwards Anthony had this idea to buy burgers and pass them out to homeless people. I was like, heck yes! so we went to burger king and bought 20 cheeseburgers and he spent the rest of his birthday giving them out to homeless people on the streets of Boston. I'm only mentioning this because I thought it was so inspiring and would maybe inspire you to do something like this one day. He has such a beautiful heart and that's what I admire about him.

Until our next adventures... <3 <3 <3


  1. Beautiful photography! I love looking at your blog! Are you up for a feature? Let me know via Instagram gorgeous :*

    1. Thanks miss!! You're too kind!!! mwaaah


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