Monday, September 30, 2013

Shapes of Light, Shades of Fall

Some of the pretty plants still in bloom in the backyard. Loving these shades magentas, greens, teals, and burnt yellows!


  1. Such beautiful colors. These photos will provide much outfit inspiration. :-) Thanks for your lovely comments. As far as following my blog, I'm not really tech savvy at all so I don't know what to say!! I need to talk to my tech guy. I'm pretty sure he needs to put something in place for me. In the meantime, I appreciate your question about that and your patience.

    1. Thanks Jean! I'm happy to inspire! Yes please do put a subscribe by email or look into one of the popular blog feeds like bloglovin or feedly.

  2. Breathtaking images! They beautifully capture the essence of Fall.


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