Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's allll about the love! and the story about why I have so many rabbits!

More love please!! If you follow me on instagram then you've seen this image before. Meet my girl Moona. Can you tell I'm obsessed with my animals yet?!?

I  realized I never told the story about my rabbits on here. Or did I? I have such a bad memory.

It's been about a year since we've had them now. One crisp fall afternoon last year Anthony was heading out to practice with a friend. I was in the mood for taking pictures so I went along with him because I knew there was a scenic area around where he was going. When we arrived I got out and started walking toward the outdoor area and saw these rabbits hopping around. I was like woaah, so cute! I noticed the rabbits were white and different variations of tan and realized these were not wild rabbits! As I walked closer, I saw a white rabbit on it's side dead near a tree. Then I noticed the large cage with the door wide open close by. Someone had abandoned them there :((((

I got extremely sad and I even shed a tear or two for the dead bunny (I'm a huge baby when it comes to animals). After I figured out what happened I decided we had to save them. I went to get Anthony and he along with the lady he was practicing with and her neighbor got together to find and catch them. We ended up taking three rabbits home in our car that day. The neighbor reported the fourth rabbit and animal control found her the next day. We went to get her for fear of animal control putting her to rest (little Moona pictured above, glad we went back for her!).

We originally only planned to keep one, Brownie, because when we found him he was sitting next to a tree all ready to give up. He was limping and looked really sad. When Anthony caught him and gave him to me, he snuggled right into me so sweetly and I fell in love with him and knew he was coming home with me. After that I knew this all happened for a reason. 

 (Brownie and Moona. These two bonded quickly and as you can see are attached by the hip to each other, which is why we ended up keeping two)

We got in touch with an animal shelter to find a home for the rest and when we got there they told us they would probably have to kill them because they had mites. They didn't want to risk spreading it to the other animals which we understood. We had just saved them so there was no way we were saving them only for them to die anyways! The shelter gave them shots for the mites and they eventually went away within a week or so (don't worry mites do not spread to humans-we were not in any harm). A friend referred us to an organization called house rabbit network (they are a no kill organization) where they take in rabbits, treat them, and find them foster homes until they get adopted. We got in touch with a lady named Allyson who helped us sooooo much. She bought us food and supplies for them (SO SWEET). We still keep in touch with her! We ended up fostering all four rabbits, two we eventually adopted ourselves and the other two we fostered. Azlan (below) got adopted a few months ago. He was the baby of the bunch and such a funny guy. We miss him!

Little Bobo is still searching for his forever home! People get scared of him at first because he has red eyes but once they see how cute his personality is they love him just as much as we do. This guy is sooo adorable, soo sweet and really smart. Our birds seem to have really taken to him too. They will always sit next to him and sing for hours, especially Pep. If we had room and were more financially stable I think we would keep him too. We have SO much love for him, it's going to be hard to let him go. Love his little brown paws!


So that's why I have so many rabbits...

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