Friday, October 31, 2014

Boston Fashion Week: Carla Fernandez

Saving the best for last, witnessing the Carla Fernandez Spring/Summer 2015 show at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum was a breath of fresh air and the highlight of Boston Fashion Week for me! I felt so fortunate to be able to see her in Boston in such an intimate and artistic setting. It was also my first time at the Museum and admission was complimentary with the ticket so I wandered around after the show as well. If you are ever in Boston or live in Boston, this museum is stunning and a must see simply for the architecture alone. It was modeled after a 15th century Venetian palazzo and it's walls and art spoke of another time and place.

Seemed liked the ideal atmosphere for Carla's designs to walk through. "The Barefoot Designer", Carla, is a Mexican designer that works with artisans in Mexico to bring back indigenous textile techniques while simultaneously supporting the artisans socially and economically. When reading more about her I was struck by her methods of creating together with the artists, buying their work but also their artistic integrity in design. Carla also utilizes sustainable techniques using squares and rectangles to reduce waste. This also lends to the geometric quality you see in the pieces.

This was the first time the Gardener Museum had an in house fashion exhibit/show. The show was actually inspired by the Museum, titled Gardener, and featured animals/creatures/designs taken from 17th century Mexican church tiles that are on display on the walls of the Spanish cloister. The talented Dynasty models walked with their feet painted in white, into the center of the room where they stood on a white tiled square turning into each direction of the room then walking back out. Effortless and fresh makeup was done by the amazing Mariolga of DB cosmetics. I can't recall who did hair (bad memory and I can't find it online! Please fill me in if you're reading this and you know.) and I believe her son was DJ.

Just as the walls spoke of another time and place, the presentation of the pieces as they entered also transported you to a new space in your mind. It was just beautiful and refreshing to see. I will stop blabbing now and hopefully you can feel this for yourself through the images. These were some of my favorite looks from the night :)

Amazing right?!
Enjoy the fall festivities and weekend!


  1. OMG. You know I'm hyperventilating. The aqua-colored pieces are among my faves, also the black pieces. Almost makes me wish for warmer weather. :-) Beautiful pictures. I went to that museum many years ago, and remember it as breathtaking. Would love to go back. XXOO

    1. I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE THIS!! I was thinking of you while writing this. I'm glad you are exploring more of her work. Her story and work is just incredibly inspiring as an artist. It proves that if you have a vision and talent that may not be the norm/mainstream, it is possible to do great things with it and still be so successful. Hopefully we can visit one day together :) xo

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful fashion show. I also blogged about the event. Check it out:


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