Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boston Fashion Week: Art N' Fashion Pop Up at Liquid Art House

So last week was Boston Fashion Week here in Boston! My friend and artist Sara Marhamo was showing some work for Collective Creature at the Liquid Art House, so I headed out with my sister to check it out. 

The event titled, Art N' Fashion was curated by Olivia Ives-Flores and featured local artists and fashion designers doing what they do best. "Collective Creature is an artistic form of journalism, featuring one of a kind individuals, and the things they make and do." It was an eclectic visual experience in an equally unique new space in Boston. Below are some pics from the night of some of my favorites!

Artist Sara Marhamo showed her collection of lint roller art. "These excerpts from the Lint Roller series are individual compositions, memories, proof of the process." She explained how she works for others creating garments and doesn't get to keep or use the outcome. She used duck tape to collect and create her own record of the experience.

Brandon Kirk shared his intricate garments inspired by "old-world execution methods," referencing  "acts that were once seen as crimes and are now widely accepted." "The fabrics used in the collection derive from various countries and were hand assembled and embellished by the designer." I enjoyed the mix of textures, colors and details in these garments.

The creative duo Erin Robertson (designer) and Jordan Piantedosi (artist) combined forces to create a collection called Love at First Slime. It is a "body of work that strives to marry the elegant and the obscene." I loved the bright colors and the fusion of artwork into wearable fashion.

Had to get a snap with my girl Sara Marhamo, artist and designer. Below is my sister who attended with me.

Here I am in goth mode. I've been in a darker mood clothing wise. Mostly dressed in some thrifted finds and my Avizeh jewelry headpiece worn as a necklace. My turban was doing it's own thing that night haha!

Hope you enjoyed! I really love seeing creative people doing their thing. It is inspiring and gives the world that glimpse into the power of self-expression and art and its ability to open our minds and explore different ways of being. I always feel at home when people are expressing and being themselves.

Have an expressive week! I will be posting about a few more events I attended as well as some outfit posts of the things I attempted to rock during fashion week ;)



  1. This makes me soooo happy!! You and Neda look amazing, first of all. Secondly, to be absorbing all the creativity around you and posting about it is so inspiring. Makes me want to get out and support all the real artists!! This post definitely resonates with your IG quote from Andy Warhol...now I get the context!! You make Boston look really good right about now. XXOO

    1. Thank you! Your comments always make my day! It was a great week to appreciate creativity in Boston. XO

  2. I would happily wear that jacket you snapped in a heartbeat! What an inspiring event! I always feel charged with new creative energy when I support others and their craft. My favorite thing about winter are all the days spent inside making stuff watching the rain fall.

    1. The jacket reminded me of you! Love those days too! xo

  3. Looks like a great event, it's stimulating to look at the photos! I really like the examples of wearable art you show here, such beautiful shapes and great colors! You and your sister and friend look gorgeous! I am crazy about your long plaid shirt dress, and I just love your eclectic style! xxx


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