Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer fun with my niece Ayah and Anthony!

Continuing with some older posts because I'm a bad blogger! I'm finally getting some time to blog so forgive me while I post, post, post.

Over the summer I did a special shoot with my fashionista neice Ayah. She is such a talented little artist and she got the fashion bug like crazy. This girl has given me so many makeup transformations and she is always painting/drawing/creating!!

I had an idea to do an outfit shoot together and she loved it. Of course she put together her outfit herself and I helped her with the boho turban. Funniest thing is she somehow convinced my husband Anthony to join us! Anthony has a sense of style but he's very lazy when it comes to clothing so me and Ayah picked out his outfit to match us. So his outfit is a joint work of art ;)

Yes, we're silly!!! Hope you enjoyed!



  1. Very nice photos and outfits. Sweet photos.

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos. Each one stands on it's own, and yet as a group, the spirit of the day is unmistakable. Your niece is a joy! Her energy and creativity jump off the page, and Anthony is equally adorable as he plays along. You shine as well, and I can hear your voice and laughter during this shoot. I love the styling. Your turban is lovely, along with your textured layers, complimenting their outfits. So much fun!!! Hope to see more collaborations. :-)

  3. The connection between the two of you is evident in these photos. Your niece is lovely, and all of the colours in your outfits exude such joy and playfulness.

  4. What a sweet photo shoot, all three of you look at home in front of the lens. How wonderful to share your love of personal style and photography with her. I'm a very proud auntie and without my kids they would be a part of me forever sleeping. I love the colors and patterns in your outfit my dear!

  5. That is such a fun artistic collaboration, Feda! I enjoyed these photos a lot. Ayah is definitely a very talented fashionista and artist - love her outfit and the way you girls styled Anthony! You look stunning, Feda. In fact, all of you here are absolutely gorgeous, beautiful people! Thank you for sharing with us, I can't stop smiling! xxxxx

  6. So sweet! You all have great style :)


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