Friday, May 18, 2012

Hana Sadiq Fashion Show- Runway Makeup

I've been wanting to share these forever and I'm finally getting around to it now. This was one of those experiences that just came out of nowhere and I still can't believe I had.

I was so excited when my good friend, and talented Flamenco dancer Jamie Belsito put me in touch with the  Center for Arabic Culture (CACBoston), who invited famous designer Hana Sadiq to Boston. They sponsored her collection, The Many Names of Love, at the Taj Hotel in Boston. I was so honored to be able to do the makeup for four beautiful girls from Dynasty Models & Talent.  The show was produced by Marianna Toroyan and The Fashion Doctors. It was seriously the most well put together and beautifully presented fashion shows I've ever seen. From the music, to the lighting,  and the clothes and accessories The show really took you back to ancient times.

The makeup was designed by Hana herself. We were asked to do a smokey eye, put crystals above the eyebrows and three teardrops on one side of the face. I was so relieved that it all came together because let me tell you, it was my first time doing that many girls within a certain time frame, and it was fast paced!

Special thanks to amazing photographer Jan Bloch for allowing me to use these photographs. I'm so happy I'm able to have beautiful images of my makeup work to have in my portfolio.

"Hana Sadiq, artist turned fashion designer who takes the best of Arabic art and re-imagines it into haute couture. Using striking and bold colors, she adorns her dresses with Arabic calligraphy, either verses of love poetry or simply scattered letters. Complimenting her designs are pieces of old Arabic silver that have been collected over two decades. Having designed dresses for royalty around the Middle East, Hana is considered a cultural ambassador and has shown her designs around the world."








Hana Sadiq in the middle with two Dynasty models!

(left to right: Joe Freeman-Director at Dynasty Models & Talent, Jamie La Damasquina Belsito- Flamenco Dancer extraordinaire, Gin Freeman-Founder Dynasty Models, Tracy Aiguier and her husband Sean- Awesome woman! I have a few adventures with her I need to blog about- she's an amazing fashion photographer I assisted a few times!, Terri Mahn- one of the top stylists in Boston, and Me-all awkward lol)

© All images used with permission by Jan Bloch. Please do not use/share without permission of the photographer., Facebook Page: Jan Bloch