Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boston Fashion Week: Candice Wu Couture 2013

I think I can officially say I've come to the dark side after seeing the fusion of Candice Wu and House of Cach at the Candice Wu Couture show at the W hotel in Boston. This show had so much taste. The setting of the cold stone at the W hotel was a great backdrop for the color scheme of the gowns. The designs were beautifully made, with a blend of hard and soft, dark and light, flowy yet structured. The models were impressive in emoting and expressing the feel in the clothing and accessories. It all just fit so naturally. You could tell a lot of hard work was put into creating each piece and it came together so beautifully.

I can't gush enough about the union of House of Cach with these gowns. They were like the icing on the cake, each piece so intricate and unique. I was first introduced to House of Cach at a photoshoot I assisted with Tracy Aiguier and I was thoroughly impressed with the artistry of her pieces. They are not for the shy at heart, not everyone can pull off the bug look, but they certainly make a bold statement. I own a House of Cach ring (which you can see here) and it's the one item I get the most compliments/comments on. I'm just obsessed with it all now!

The show was so refreshing to watch and photograph! These are a few photos from the night!

Candice Wu, bottom left and Alexa of House of Cach, bottom right. (If I missed any credits please let me know- I'm not familiar with everyone that helped to create this amazing show!)

Much love,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston Fashion Week: Launch Circle Event

The second event I attended, also featured by Fashion Group International was the Launch Circle event at the Circle Furniture store in Boston.

It featured the four designers, Tatiana Tejedor, Sasha Thomas, Carlos Villamil, and Sammi Yang and their 12 piece capsule collections up close and personal. The staging of the models with the garments was set up by Sean William Donovan and the team at Circle Furniture. Models were all from Dynasty Models and hair and makeup by Camille Albane Paris. 

Above: Designer Sasha Thomas

Above: Designer Tatiana Tejedor 
 Above: Designer Sammi Yang
Above: Designer Carlos Villamil
Designer Tatiana Tejedor at the conclusion of the event
Left to rightt: Rob Frye, Terri Mahn of the The Stylist Closet, Jay Calderin
Always awesome to see founder of Boston Fashion Week Jay Calderin (right)!

These designers put so much work into their collections and they are truly unique pieces of art. It was truly an experience to see the pieces in this setting. I really enjoyed both of these events and hopefully you got a bit of a taste of what Boston fashion week is all about.

Much love,

Boston Fashion Week: Launch Lens

YAAAA! I attended my first Boston Fashion Week this year!! Ok, this may be nothing to some but for me it was really exciting. I love fashion. Seeing all the beautiful designs, the artists that created them, modeled on professionals that know how to express these garments in such beautiful ways is exciting to me! If you're on the edge about attending next year, I say go for it! There's tons of events, many that are free to attend, that will have you oooing and ahhing about fashion.

The launch events are presented by Fashion Group International and showcase upcoming fashion designers. This year featured four designers, Tatiana Tejedor, Sasha Thomas, Carlos Villamil, and Sammi Yang.

The launch lens event featured four local fashion photographers, Tracy Aiguier, Joel Benjamin, Sadie Dayton, and Bob Packert and their partnership with these designers to create an editorial featuring their collections. I'm a bit partial to Carlos's work because his designs are so creative but also because he was photographed by my favorite photographer, Tracy! I've assisted her numerous times on her shoots and she's amazing at what she does and not to mention incredibly down to earth and genuine. I mostly came to support and see her gorgeous photographs, and they were beyond gorgeous!!  So here's a few snaps from the night at the W hotel in Boston.

Above design by Sammi Yang featured on Dynasty model

 (photos in these photos were taken by Tracy Aiguier and designs by Carlos Villamil)

Me and Tracy! These claw rings are made by house of cach and we were both wearing ours so I had to get a shot. (Sometimes I get accessories when I work with her ;) )

Had to get some late night pizza afterwards with Anthony (who I dragged with me to a few events) at Crazy Dough!

Much love,

Friday, October 18, 2013

Eid Outfit!

Photos taken by Neda Eid

Laid back Eid, as is every Eid. For us Eid usually consists of waking up super early, drinking tons of coffee, Eid prayer, doing the face painting for the kids, going out to eat, eating way too much only to then drop dead when you get home. Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate!

Wish you all love and light!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Girl Meets Tutu

Model: Yana Vertkin

This shoot was totally free styled but it started to take on a story of it's own. She starts out as an everyday ballerina and begins to change gradually with each way the tutu transforms her, ultimately blossoming and seeing herself in a different light.

Yana and her mom made this amazing tutu and I just engulfed her in it! Yana is an amazing dancer and I love working with her because she moves so gracefully. She really dove in and took on some of these strange poses.  I love how they turned out. My favorite is the second to last one! Which one is yours?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Into the Valley: New Hampshire's White Mountains

When my lovely teacher/mentor miss Banafsheh (founder of Boston Photography Center) put up a photo trip to New Hampshire in our meetup group, I got really excited and had to go! Me and Anthony love traveling and we didn't get to do much of it this summer, so I jumped at the opportunity. It was a short day/night trip, we went up on Friday morning and came back the next day. It was part vacation and part photography adventure. We were challenged to document it in under 60 images (I think-I can't remember exactly now). I exceeded that number (bad student!). It was really hard given all the beauty!

Banafsheh emphasized choosing your moments as oppose to click, click, click. It totally changed my perspective. Some moments I had to be quick about, like the red cars driving by, but others I stared at and analyzed trying to find the right details and angles. I was reminded how much I loved photography given the freedom to take my time and capture it in my own unique way. I loved capturing the beauty through my personal viewfinder :) Banafsheh knew the area well so we saw sooo much in such little time. Honestly it was hard to take it all in while I was there. I was on sensory overload!

It was such a breathtaking and introspective trip for me personally. You never realize how much influence your surroundings have on you until you get away from them. Being surrounded by so much overwhelming beauty, the art of the ultimate Artist, you can't help but feel so refreshed and grateful for everything. Whenever I feel like I want more or that I'm not good enough at something or whatever else insecure ideas that pop up in my head, I remember to be thankful because we are always more blessed than we know. ALWAYS! I truly felt blessed and renewed after this trip!

Hope you enjoyed these. Did any of you take an introspective trip this past summer? Do you guys get re-energized by nature?!