Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wild Things

There’s a wild thing that exists in all of us.It lives in our passions, in the people we love, in our subconscious thoughts, our beliefs.It’s even made a home in the darkest parts of us.But we can’t be scared of it.We have to become it.From the song #WildThings by #AlessiaCara

I heard these lyrics at the end of a song recently, and I was taken back by this part. It rang loud and clear and shook me at my core. I needed this reminder after such a draining and emotional few weeks. I'm still trying to navigate this wild thing in my soul. I find myself holding back too often. I remember my 9th grade teachers words in my yearbook .."Use that voice of yours because whenever you did, everyone benefitted." I know my fears come from the same passionate place these words do and life has taught me over and over that the more you use something the better you get. All I know is there is a deep and passionate wild thing in us all and as long as we let it out from a place of love and compassion for ourselves and others, there will always be meaning to it. And what's so beautiful is we all have our different ways of using that voice. The thing that pulls us towards certain outlets and causes. I'm grateful for this moment even in all it's uncertainty. I hope it brings change through this winter season and plants the seeds for rebellion and strength to overcome what is ahead. I pray for all around the world suffering from injustice, greed and pain. I know deep down when we come together and use our voices, so much beauty can be made. It's there. We just have to use it. So that is where I'll be this year, where the wild things are. 

P.S. I took these a while back but for some reason I just wanted to keep them to myself. Sometimes when I do self portraits, they become a part of a healing process for me and not necessarily something I want to share. This week I felt different and so here is a post <3

Details: Clothing all thrifted.
Jewelry- Zamarut Jewel
Nose ring is from Bright Designs on etsy
Boots: gifted by my friend Heidi- from Morocco