Friday, May 10, 2013

Cooking with Mama: Fatayer (pastry stuffed with spinach)

Soooo....I pretty much suck at cooking. It's true. I have the flavor profile for it but I'm so unenthusiatic about spending time in the kitchen. Maybe it's the independent woman in me that refuses to slave in the kitchen or maybe I just feel like I could spend my time more wisely. I'm in technical terms an lacto-ovo pescatarian (simple terms I don't eat meat or chicken-I do eat dairy, eggs, fish) so I should be more into making alternative dishes right??? Well no, not so much.

Ever since we moved into my parents basement apartment I've been watching my mom cook more often. She started to force me to help her with dishes. Yesterday we made grape leaves and they came out really good!! Today we had the family over for dinner for mother's day and our aunts birthday and my mom made fatayer. Fatayer is a lebanese dish of pastry with some sort of filling. The filling in these were spinach with chickpeas. Oh and my mom is like the best cook ever by the way! Not just saying that, she really is. I took some pictures during the process and wanted to share. Do you guys like to cook?? How do you keep from getting bored in the kitchen?