Sunday, December 6, 2015

Date Night: Nutcracker at the Cutler Majestic Theatre Boston

         Yesterday we had a long overdue date night. Life has been very busy the last few weeks and I didn't realize how much we needed to relax and just enjoy some time with each other. Anthony had received some free tickets to see the Nutcracker playing at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, from his work, so we were forced to go out into the world explore. We had dinner at our favorite vegan spot in Boston, My Thai Vegan Cafe. They have a mix of asian cuisine that we love and we always get the same thing when we go, vietnamese roll up dish, tofu fingers and the Tom Yum Gai soup which is basically the best soup I've ever had!
         I got really excited to get all fancy and dressed up and I decided to bring my camera and capture the beauty of downtown Boston at this time of year (last shot was a phone selfie). Although I don't celebrate Christmas I love seeing the lights and feeling the merry spirit. I took a night off from all the sadness in the world and pretended it was all good <3. I do believe at the end of the day love is all we need, to give and to receive, and we can't give from a place that is empty. So this night I was ready to fill up and I did just that.
         The play was cute and funny and the dancers all amazing! I have seen the Nutcracker before at the Boston Ballet and didn't know they played it somewhere else in town. Although it wasn't as big and grand as that one, it definately had its own charm that I preferred in some ways. It was a more intimate setting and the theatre itself was so magical! I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of diversity in the cast too! I was so surprised, I did some research and found that the ballet company Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre has a unique approach to dance that is centered around the dancer and  works with the community to make ballet accessible to all. They also put together the Dance for World Community Festival that Anthony plays for every year with Flamenco Boston. Really cool to read up on that. I think diversity is so beautiful!
         I'm wearing mostly thrifted and gifted things. My favorite vintage winter dress which I have worn on the blog here and my moms red shawl that I "borrowed" ;) The faux fur collar and blazer (which you can't really see) was thrifted and gifted to me by my dear friend Jean of Drossintogold. I always love wearing it this time of year. Shoes were gifted by my friend Heidi and I had some funky thrifted huge rose earrings that are also hard to see in the pics -I'll do better next time with some of the details. Anthony is also getting more into the thrift world or should I say wants to thrift but it's mostly just me doing it for him because he's very lazy when it comes to clothes. I knew the plaid tie would come in handy at some point this season so I was happy when I found it at Goodwill.
          I realize I have been very away from internet land lately. I do update more frequently on instagram but in general I just haven't been feeling social media lately. I don't enjoy forcing myself to do anything and this is an outlet for me more than anything else so for now I will write when I'm moved to. There is so much happening at the moment-moving and just some big girl growing with my photography business BUT my head has been brewing so many ideas. I am dying to create, make, and bake them so hopefully I can DO and then DO more sharing. Now is the time to BE BRAVE <3


  1. feda!

    i just went to the nutcracker on friday night-- same one! and loved it! so cute. i forgot the story from the last time i saw it! we brought henry, so i was glad it wasn't the really fancy one because he kept screaming "tree, tree" during the performance!

    your pictures are so much better quality- glad you were able to capture the majesty of the majestic theater properly! and i agree-- i love the whole diversity aspect of the jose mateo ballet group! its such an important message!

    hope i see you soon!!! happy holidays :)

  2. Thank you sharing the loveliness of this magical evening. The theater is breathtaking!!! It's so heartening to know that it's survived from what's clearly another era. The photos are fabulous and the cast looks so beautiful in that setting.

    You and Anthony look perfect for the occasion, too. You've inspired me to go all out as I dress for a few parties in the next several weeks. I haven't been feeling like it recently so I appreciate the nudge. It is contagious, all of it, when done with love and joy. Ha, and the food is inspiring too! :-)

    LOVE YOU!!!


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