Sunday, July 3, 2016

Crown Yourself

"Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers." Veronica Shoffstall

To honor the expression of love for yourself is to honor the Creator of love. To crown yourself is not to think of yourself as better than, it is to honor the vessel that carries you. Loving yourself is a means of sustenance to your soul and without it we quickly lose sight of who we are. We are worthy and we carry a world within us as beautiful as we allow ourselves to express it. Decorate your life and water your soul garden. Your life is your canvas. The brush is there in your hands. You are love. 

If you follow my posts on instagram you have seen the little blurb I wrote above. If you haven't why you no follow me?? hehe 

Life has been teaching me the lesson of self love so strongly these last few months. I recently went through an accident that really created this darkness around me. It was almost tangible. It didn't feel so good. I had to go through a few months of physical therapy and still suffer from chronic neck pain due to a previous neck injury. The injury also caused me to have constant migraines..something I had not had before. I was also juggling two jobs, physical therapy three days a week and a class I was taking. Not to mention the state of the world had me completely depressed! So much senseless violence and killing in the news can really get to you. As you can imagine I was not in the best place mentally and physically. I decided after my class ended to take the next few months to focus on creating love and balance in my life again. I started working one less day at my part time job and planned on using that extra time to focus on being creative and doing things I love like dressing up and taking these pictures! I've also been taking walks outside and really retreating back into nature. I've always been very drawn to the earth, flowers and trees as it can have a healing and balancing affect on me.

This beautiful flower crown was gifted to me by a fellow blogger and style lover Tamera. She makes these stunning, stunning flower crowns and she shares them as a symbol of nurturing and owning your greatness. You can read about her Crowning Yourself mission to empower and promote self care on her blog. If you haven't checked out her inspirational blog, go go go! She has fabulous style and her posts are honest and uplifting. I'm so very very grateful she sent me this crown. Recently it has helped transform my mental state of mind.

Believe it or not this crown was sent to me last year! If you know me personally, you know I struggle with waiting for perfection to do things. It has held me back from being creative and sharing my art in many ways. Something I am committed to working on this year. the time, I was struggling to piece an outfit with it. Then this week I looked at it and just started grabbing pieces from my closet and magic! It all came together! I walked down the street that evening and took these pictures. I realized the key was to not think and just do! I wrote the words at the tope of the post and shared a photo on instagram. They have been a sort of mantra for me the last few days and honestly I feel like painting it on my wall in huge letters to remind me! I will strive to honor those words and treat myself with love and kindness. Don't we all deserve that? We are beauty whether we believe it or not..we were created that way. There is nothing holding us back except ourselves from being love and expressing it through all that we do.

 Thanks for stopping by and listening. I hope that you feel your greatness and own your worth by being who you are and expressing it deeply no matter what you or anyone else thinks about it!


Linking up finally with stylecrone for her hat attack!

Outfit Details:
Mostly thrifted so get out there and stop trying to buy everyone else's clothing and buy your own unique treasures that resonate with your personality and style. Thrift stores are the place to do it at! and they are great for the environment!
I found the long white overcoat in the pajama section at goodwill. It is so easy to wear and keeps you cool in the heat because it is so loose and breezy.
Tank top, mom jeans and belt were also thrifted.
The star of the show is this beautiful flower crown gifted by my fashionista friend Tamera!
Earrings were bought in Spain on my travels there many years ago.
Neck piece was gifted I think. I can't remember. Adds a touch of the southwest which I've been into lately.
Shoes are new! They are by Good Guys Don't Wear Leather and for my budget/lifestyle these were expensive and not what I'm used to spending on shoes but well worth it! I have been slowly replacing things in my closet that are not vegan or ethically made with things that are and these are a new addition. A lot of vegan shoes are not the best quality and lack originality and style, these will last me years, are well made and so very stylish. This company ticks all those boxes for me and I definitely plan to purchase from them as the need arises and if I can afford it.


  1. Your photos are striking, achingly beautiful, and radiant. Your words enchanting. You wear the crown created by Tamera in a regal manner. There are no words adequate to describe the art that you create.

    Thank you for sharing your beauty and your crown with Hat Attack!

  2. I'm just getting here to comment, but the timing is perfect. I feel your struggle, your resolve, and your desire to BE!!! I love this outfit. It's the perfect combination of elements. Wish we were walking around the city together, going to the museums and thrift stores. It helps to have community.

    Play dress-up when you want to, or not when the mood is different. I've just gone through an "invisible" phase, not feeling like the fashion-extrovert. Perhaps now I'm ready to play a little more. We'll see. It's all good, just be authentic in your moment. XXXOOO

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